Problem defining

Audiosocket has been one of the names in the circles of the music licensing industry in the United States of America. Almost every new music released is available here. People looking for an original tune for personal or professional use can get access to music collections of 70,000+ tracks here. All of this music is arranged in a very simple yet, systematic pattern.

The target audience of AudioSocket is video creators or “vloggers” who are looking forward to trying out a variety of music options to include in their new or existing piece of work

Here’s what we figured out to be some of the key areas that needed attention in the entire system.

  • A proper UX flow from start to various checkpoints of the user journey.
  • A full-functional search page with a variety of filter options.
  • Media player to play any song with ease.
  • Catering curated music for users defined by experts at Audisocket.
  • Easy Pricing and Transaction Process.


Once the to-do list was ready, we worked vigorously towards approaching the goals that were to be achieved. Henceforth, here are some creations. To keep the design user-friendly, we experimented with designs N-numbers of time and finally arrived at the perfect format to save users' time. Variations of music are specified with multiple filtrations.

Desktop View

Artist Page
Curated Playlist


As audiosocket has been in the market since 2007. The fundamentals were strong but they lacked a little bit of a modern touch. Whenever we hear music we experience different emotions. The rejuvenation of emotion with human-touch was mandatory for the user experience of the website.

So to make sure this end-to-end experience is intact, we worked on a fresh brand manual for web including type, colors and a consistent iconography.

Color Palette


*Used in over all Website.

Extra Bold
Icons & Illustrations

These are a combination of key efforts taken ahead in laying out ideas during Problem defining and Branding stages of the project.

Here are some of the primary screens, after the final touches were given by the visual designers on the team.

Desktop View

Artist Page
Curated Playlist

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