Problem defining

The concept of Vbar required a mobile app to connect the customer and bar, wine shops and lounges. This necessitated the app to be functional from two different scenarios-- one for the restaurants and another one for the customers.

Here’s what we estimated to be the basic sections that needed thinking in the entire system:

  • Restaurant login with multiple admins access.
  • Customer login with online payment option.
  • GPS location feature for the user.
  • Pre-ordering service with a feature to buy 30ml pegs.
  • Login with fingerprint or face ID.


The conception and implementation of the process is as follows

  • With proper design and layout, we prepared multiple checkpoints.
  • The prototype is adapted to give access to the customer login.
  • GPS location was linked with the app to track the precise location.
  • The pre-ordering service is another striking feature for users and also an ideal surprise element.
  • Linking the app with fingerprint and face ID access.

Mobile View

Drink Detail Screen
My Drinks
Restaurants List
Transactions Screen


Dark UI is implemented along with a bright orange to give users the experience of being present at the bar. We prepared two different platforms for customer and restaurants under the brand Vbar.

Color Palette


*Used All Over Application

Icons & Illustrations

During visual designing, we prioritize the detailing and information architecture by using an inverted pyramid rule. The dark-colored screen is best suited for visibility in all conditions.

User-friendly information is conveyed with icons designed especially focusing on panic situations. SOS notifications including GPS location and photo/ video of location within 5 seconds. Live report or warning- update related to location. SOS voice-tracking is an added feature for the security of the user.

Mobile View

My Drinks
Drink Detail Screen
Restaurants List
Transactions Screen

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